SIWQC will be a partner with Magic Valley citizens of today and tomorrow. Our goal is to improve the quality of life through enhancing water quality of the Middle Snake River ecosystem. Our approach aims to be collaborative, innovative, and far reaching. We have a vision of a Magic Valley that is still magic at the turn of the next century.
In 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency convened federal, state, and county organizations, along with private organizations, academic researchers, and interested citizens, in a series of workshops and meetings to discuss long-term goals for the Middle Snake River known as the Watershed Advisory Group (WAG).
The management goals that were identified in this process were:
  • Attainment of water quality beneficial uses
  • Establishment of total maximum daily loads for major pollutants
  • Water supply for hydropower, aquaculture, recreation, and irrigation
  • Restoration of the Snake River Basin
  • Protection of endangered species
  • Sustained economic well-being
Building on this past effort and recognizing the limitations of the Middle Snake Watershed Advisory Group, that is singularly focused on Clean Water Act compliance, the Southern Idaho Water Quality Coalition (Coalition) was formed in 2018 to engage a broad spectrum of area land and water users to identify, manage, and increase awareness for water quality issues, projects, and partnerships benefiting the Mid-Snake River and tributary rivers, streams, and creeks. The Coalition’s interest is to encourage comprehensive water quality improvement projects and programs that achieve conformance with state water quality standards and designated beneficial uses. These water quality improvements have addressed both point and non-point pollutant sources, with the entire Coalition working together to improve the health of the Middle Snake River.