Projects & Challenges

• Complete two ongoing WaterSmart wetland projects
• Twin Falls Canal Company and City of Twin Falls projects anticipated completion by fall 2021
• Develop at least one additional WaterSmart funded project
• Revise/update SIWQC Watershed Management Plan

Pidgeon Cove

  • Summer of 2001 before the Water Quality Wetlands. 
  • Nearly over 1,000 mg/liter of TSS.  This drain averaged 48 mg/l

Rock Creek

  • In 1981 entering Snake River at over 1000 mg/liter TSS.  Average TSS. 
  • After numerous Water Quality Projects built since 2000 Rock Creek now averages about 50 mg/liter during the irrigation season

East Perrine Coulee

  • Coulee entering Snake River in July 1981.  1500 mg/liter TSS. 
  • Irrigation Season average for 2019 after construction of Norris Wetland was 61 mg/liter. 
  • As the wetland matures this year that should go down below 50 mg/l

Lower Perrine Coulee

  • Lower Perrine Coulee Wetland constructed in 2009.

Norris Pond

  • Norris Pond Inlet and Outlet taken July 2019. TSS removal near 90%